Russia is guarded by 10 MiGs with “Daggers”

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Ten Russian military interceptor fighters of the MiG-31 brand, which are of long range and with the hypersonic complex “Dagger” on board, are patrolling the Russian borders – said Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov.

“Today, ten aircraft are on trial combat duty and are ready for use depending on the situation,” he said in an interview with Zvezda.

According to the deputy minister, this is a modern weapon: a hypersonic missile of a larger range than ever , which, can overcome air defense and anti-missile defense systems. “It is almost invincible and has very serious fighting power,” Borisov emphasized. He added that the MiG-31 is most suitable for accelerating the given missile to the required speed and at almost any designated altitude.

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The MiG31 and the missile complex “Dagger” was first mentioned by the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, in his address to the Federal Assembly, on March 1. The complex was tested on December 1 last year at the airfields of the Southern Military District. The MiG-31 with the Dagger will take part in Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9 this year also.

Source Vesti
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