Russia to Sell S-400s to India & Turkey Despite US Sanctions

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India and Russia have concluded negotiations on the price for Russian S-400 Triumph missile complexes, the Economic Times has reported, citing a source in the Indian Air Force.

According to the report, Moscow will supply New Delhi with S-400 systems for a total price of 400 billion rupees ($ 5.93 billion).

Currently, the parties are working to circumvent American sanctions which Washington may introduce against countries and companies that cooperate with Russian defense and intelligence sectors.

According to the source, the agreement could be officially announced in October, ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Russia is India’s largest technical-military partner: more than 70 percent of Indian armaments, military vehicles, Air Force and Navy are Russian or Soviet-made. Russia annually supplies India with billions of dollars worth of military materials.

US House of Representatives Chief William Thornberry has previously said that Washington is disappointed with India’s decision to buy Russia’s S-400 missile defense system, but imposing sanctions on New Delhi is unlikely for now.

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In December 2017, Russia entered into an agreement to sell S-400’s to Turkey, which also provoked US criticism. Ankara is currently set to buy two batteries, which will be operated by Turkish staff. The parties also agreed to maintain technological cooperation in the development of the production of air defense systems in Turkey.

This also comes as Ankara may choose to buy Russian Su-57 fighters instead of the US F-35 fighters, according to a from the Turkish military industry.

The Turkish Yeni Safak newspaper has reported that Turkey may prefer the Russian Su-57s to US F-35s if the United States blocks the delivery of the latter because of Turkey’s previous acquisition of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system.

Russian military analyst Igor Korotchenko, for his part, believes that such a scenario is “very real”.

“A few years ago no one could imagine that the S-400 could be sold to Ankara, but today such a contract is an accomplished fact,” Korotchenko recalled.

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