Russia to showcase its newest technology at May 9 parade

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Russia is preparing to celebrate Victory Day. May 9 parades will be held in 27 cities of the country. The main one is always on Red Square in Moscow. It is there that novelties of domestic weapons are showcased.

The last of reparations are taking place – the soldiers are refining everything from A to Z and the 2018 parade, the military promise, will be amazing.

Battle robots will appear for the first time on Red Square. The “Uranus 9” is a ground-based unmanned vehicle. In appearance – a small caterpillar tank with various weapons, such as a large-caliber machine gun, grenade launchers, guided missiles – all that is needed for fighting in dense urban areas.

This  machine has already been trialled by Russian sappers clearing the Syrian Palmyra. The technique then showed it is a highly capable piece of equipment. Flight drones “Korsar” and “Katran” were also tested in Syria.

“Katran”  weighs a little more than a half-ton – a kind of a small helicopter. The combat drones “Korsar” seem more like a toy: it looks like a radio-controlled plane, only with real combat rockets. It can perform the most difficult tasks at an altitude of 5 thousand meters.

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A tank support vehicle has also proven itself in the field. It was tested in the Syrian deserts, and participated in the large-scale exercises “West-2017”

The Arctic military group is also getting new models of equipment. At the parade this year, they will present modern snowmobiles. These machines can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour on snow depths of more than a meter, and they are equipped with snowmobile machine gun. In the future, it is planned to install manual grenade launchers on them as well.

The newest “Mig 31” with the onboard rocket “Dagger” will pass through the sky in battle formation as well. No country in the world has analogues to such weapons.

In the 2018 parade, the Red Square will host more than 150 samples of equipment, including 75 aircraft.

Source Vetsti
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