Russian Deputy: Venezuelan Elections “Taught the CIA a Lesson”

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Nicolás Maduro was re-elected as President of Venezuela on Sunday. The significance of this win has been commented on by Russian deputy Aleksandr Yushchenko.

On Sunday, Nicolás Maduro  won new presidential elections, obtaining 5.8 million votes (about 68%). According to the National Electoral Council, candidate Henri Falcón obtained more than 1.8 million votes and Javier Bertucci 952 thousand votes. In total, about 46% of voters participated in the elections.

After his victory, Maduro called his opponents to dialogue and demanded that foreign countries stop destabilizing Venezuela.

State Duma deputy (lower house of the Russian parliament) Aleksandr Yushchenko opined in an interview that the results of the elections show that the Venezuelan people support the political project initiated by the late Hugo Chavez.

“The Venezuelan people once again taught a lesson to the CIA which is operating there. The Venezuelan people supported the course proclaimed by Hugo Chávez despite the fact that ‘American regime change specialists’ have been carrying out operations in the country,” the deputy said.

According to Yushchenko, Maduro himself experienced great pressure, as there were many attempts to overthrow the government, but Venezuela has shown that this will not work.

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“This will not please the United States. I do not exclude that the Americans will be attempting, even through illicit operations, to overthrow the government … [the United States] will ‘feed’ the opposition and try to expand its influence throughout Venezuela, most of whose people lived below the poverty line when US influence was at large, but who now see that such can be fought” he said.

Speaking of Latin America in general, the deputy pointed to a tendency of right-wing governments in countries of the region, including Argentina and Brazil: “[In Brazil and Argentina] governments were also led by right-wing forces, but there the Americans achieved certain results even through illegal methods of influence in those countries. The rest of the world has been divided into two parts: those who support the US and its presence on their territories and those who are categorically against US dominance in the world.”

The deputy stressed that the latter trend is significant in Latin America, where anti-American moods are considerably pronounced.

“The United States cares very much about this and is carrying out an active and aggressive regime change policy,” he concluded.

Thus, according to Yushchenko, the future of Venezuela will depend on the degree to which the US will intensify its influence and how the Venezuelan people can resist that influence.

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