Strings Attached? US Wants to Donate Military Vehicles to Brazil

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The United States has made a proposal to donate 120 M198 155 mm towed howitzers, 200 M577A2 command armored vehicles, and six M88A1 ​​(ARV) armored recovery vehicles to the Brazilian Army.

The Brazilian Army confirmed that the United States has offered these materials, but has said that the Brazilian team will first go to the United States to check the conditions of the materials.

“The visit will determine if the Brazilian Army will receive the total donation, partial, or if it will not receive any material,” the Brazilian Army explained.

Journalist Pedro Paulo Rezende, an expert on military affairs, said that the equipment offered is old, but may be useful for Brazil depending on the condition they are in.

“They are not cutting-edge materials, the material we are receiving technologically is from the Vietnam War, but they are valid and work,” he said.

If Brazil accepts, it will only be required to pay for the cost of shipping and handling the equipment.

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Rezende said that this type of practice is common between the two countries.

“Our military has already received material of this type and for us it was a great advancement, our artillery is extremely outdated. Through the FMS (Foreign Military Sales), we bought heavier, longer range equipment and turned this material into almost new material,” he explained.

The forecast, according to the Brazilian Army, is that these materials may be evaluated as early as June this year.

This event comes amidst the neo-liberal President of Brazil Michel Temer’s push to increase ties between the two countries. However, relations are set to accelerate if Jair Bolsonaro, the leading presidential candidate for this years election, is voted into office. He has the backing of the huge evangelical community in Brazil, just as US President Donald Trump has their backing in the US.

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