Syria Puts Russia’s Best Anti-Tank Missiles into Action

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The Syrian Army has received modern Kornet-D anti-tank systems with increased range from Russia. This information has been disseminated by various terrorist and opposition sources, as well as by sources within the Syrian Army.

The first news of the Syria acquiring Kornet-D’s appeared on the sites affiliated with the opposition after a series of “inexplicable” attacks against US-backed terrorists’ military vehicles.

Initially, these attacks were considered to be air strikes, but there were no planes in the area to support this claim, said Channel Directorate 4, a channel dedicated to monitoring terrorist activities on Telegram.

Al-Masdar News has also cited a military report on the use of Kornet-D in different parts of Syria.

In one specific case, Kornet-D was “held liable” for the destruction – at a distance of 7 kilometers – of an SUV from one of the terrorist groups operating in Hama province.

Terrorist “complaints” are “understandable,” as this anti-tank system is among the best in the world by virtue of its technical capabilities, Russian military scientist and Professor at Plekhanov University of Economics Andrei Koshkin told Russian journalists.

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“The maximum range of the Kornet-D equipped with FM-3 missiles is 10 kilometers, capable of penetrating up to 1,300mm of armor, can be equipped with explosive and thermobaric warheads, and can shoot down aerial targets,” the expert said, “Its main targets are light SUVs and armored tanks.”

In addition, Koshkin added, Russian instructors have “taught Syrian soldiers well”, as evidenced by the accuracy and effectiveness of the launches. 

The Kornet-D is portable and can be installed in armored vehicles, including the Russian armored Tigr.

The Kornet-D is an evolution of the Russian Kornet anti-tank system. Unlike its predecessors, the Kornet-D missile is laser-guided and therefore has a much greater reach.

Despite promises, Russia has yet to deliver an S-300 anti-missile defense system to Syria. This has been a source of continued frustration for Syrian activists, especially as Israel continues its airstrikes against pro-Syrian government forces.

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