The chemical substance from which Skripal poisoning has come from …

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In an admission – a “bomb” on the Sergey Skripal’s poisoning case has been put forward by the Czech government. President Milos Zeman said that Prague “built and tested” a chemical but argued that it was “in small quantity” and that it was then destroyed.
The Czech Republic has been suggested, among other countries, by Russia as a possible source of the substance by which former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury, UK, were poisoned on March 4th.

The revelation by the Ministry of Defense

The Czech Ministry of Defense admitted that it was proceeding to “micro-synthesis” several micrograms of substances that could be used in chemical warfare, such as Novicock and Sarin. However, he explained that this is not equivalent to the “production” of chemical weapons as defined by international treaties, and that these substances could not be leaked.

“Factors referred to as” Novicock “in the media, including substance A230, are potentially poisonous chemicals whose detection (part of the training of Czech chemical warfare units) is highlighted in the Communication issued by the ministry.

The substances that were prepared remained in a test tube and were destroyed immediately after the tests were completed at the Institute of Military Studies in Brno. “The probability of a leak, therefore, equals zero,” the ministry said.

The foreign ministry, in its own statement, clarified that the Novicek A230 test in the Czech Republic was different from the substance A234 used against Skripal.

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President Zeman had asked the BIS Information Service at the end of March to investigate the case, following Moscow’s accusations that Novicock might be coming from the Czech Republic.

“In the Kremlin they should be really proud of our chairman,” criticized Zeman the ODS right-wing vice-president, Martin Kupka. According to the leader of the center-right STAN movement, Petre Gatzik, Zeman “behaves like an active Kremlin agent”.

Representative of Russian diplomacy Maria Zackarova welcomed the statements of the Czech President. “The Czech Republic acted in an honest and courageous way, officially admitting and revealing this information,” he said.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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