The situation with migrants in Greece has reached a boiling point: You will not believe who said this!


LESBOS, Greece – As a result of the people’s mobilization, the protest of the inhabitants of Lesbos during the visit of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to their island, Mrs. Tasia Christodoulopoulou, was urged by the government to draw up a Plan B for the refugee-immigrants, arguing that the situation in Greece has reached an unsustainable point.

“Mobilization in Lesbos was not effective. It has no effect in closing the shops,” he said, adding that “it is unacceptable to treat these people as a refugee” and accused the opposition of “mocking Lesbos”, arguing on one side the protests and the maintenance of the “geographic restriction” of Aegean Sea for migrants – refugees entering by the sea border.

Speaking to the committee discussing the bill on accelerating asylum, Christodoulopoulou argued that “I do not believe the draft law is the best possible version of refugee and migrant rights.”

Christodoulopoulou, who linked her ministry to the Ministry of Migration Policy with the tactics of open borders, appeared in different ways, calling on the current ministry leadership to draw up a Plan B as she admitted “the problem is much more complicated and requires pressure on Europe to get position. As long as it does not share the refugees in Europe, it will not solve the issue. Or we will drown people or we will become Jordan. Do you want to choose what to do? That’s what it’s about. ”

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She seems to have perceived that “we have a terrible specificity. Those immigrants – refugees coming do not want to stay here. We can not be double gendarmes. We need to say this, and as Vézengrad joined and closed the border to join the South and ask the EU.”

In support, Mr Dimitris Vitsa said that: “To make decisions with Malta, Italy, Spain and demand we from Europe and not Europe from us.”

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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