Their Dying World: Social Media and the fall of “Independent,” Self-Righteous Lost-Souls for Empire

or, "The Ego and Its Own"


Over the past decade, perhaps attributed to the boldness that many have cultivated due to the perceived protection and anonymity of the computer monitor, there has been a rise in so-called political analysis and critique that cloaks itself in the guise of educating the masses, but more often than not is actually about the so-called educator and his, almost always his, ego and desire to control. Control over the bounds of acceptable thought, speech, debate and discourse.



Inevitably the ego trips that these self-styled educators end up completely submerging themselves into devolves into excommunicatory purges, character attacks, unsubstantiated claims and, frankly, projections. I know this because I myself, and most of the staff here at Fort Russ News, having been on the receiving end of such attacks by some of the most prominent of these egotistical, gatekeeping, guardians of virtue and hunters of vice. And speaking of Vice, their hit-piece dragging us used – verbatim – the basic big lie about who we are and what we are about.


It’s so very noble that these anti-fascist crusaders are dedicated to righting all the world’s wrongs. And yet it’s so very strange that they have to look so far away from the USA to find those wrongs. They decry an imaginary growing fascism abroad, while doing the dirt of left-cover for the actual disaster of Western modernity, global capitalism, and the reality of humanity at a cross-roads where it faces the question of revolution or extinction. The problem is here and now. It’s not ‘rising’, it has arisen.

And these clowns are falling. When they apparently tag-teamed a hit-piece for the SPLC, so full of lies and defamatory comments, our hit-back was so hard that even the SPLC took-down the piece and distanced themselves from the author. That’s right. The SPLC ridiculously claims the article went up without their own approval, and then took it down when ourselves and others had to point out how such defamation could hurt them in the pocketbooks. Smart lawyers for soulless people. No surprise there. But we don’t hide, we don’t recoil in fear. Here’s the SPLC hit-piece that the SPLC ‘did not’ write.



These are people whom I have never sat across a table from, had a cup of coffee with, Skyped with or even so much as just had a phone conversation with. Yet, somehow, they know every single thing about me, and you, including my deepest, darkest motivations, based on whom I follow or am friends with on social media, which sources I choose to read or share material from, whom I choose to flamboyantly and theatrically denounce and verbally nail to the cross (or not), and how reliably I kowtow and grovel before them and whether or not I accept their every diktat and grandiloquent pronouncement, no questions asked.

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The saddest part is that most of these lost-souls started out on the right side of history and the struggle of peoples against the horror of this modern world. Maybe their motivations the whole time were flawed. Maybe they flipped. Maybe they are simply errant people. This is the mystery of the human condition.

Invariably, they end up alienating a lot of their own core, original followers, who aren’t particularly keen on being on the receiving end of these Torquemada-like ideological inquisitions, but they also end up attracting new, even more devout and devoted comrades. People whose chief interest lies not in combating or exposing the propaganda of US/Zio/Atlanticist imperialism (many of whom actually amplify and propagate the very same propaganda, but dress it up in progressive, radical, anarchist or revolutionary garb), but in combating and exposing the same boogeymen that the empire has set its sights on for decades now. Chief among them being “fascism,” “hatred,” “homophobia,” and, most importantly “anti-Semitism.”

To clarify, by “fascism” they don’t mean anything whatsoever having to do with Franco, Salazar or Mussolini, much less Hitler. Trump is “fascist” enough for them. Opposition to the EU is “fascist” enough for them. A strong, independent Russia that fights for its own interests and that of its allies on the world stage is “fascist” enough for them. A strong, independent Iran that refuses to compromise its core principles no matter what degree of sanctions it’s subjected to is “fascist” enough for them. Hezbollah is “fascist” enough for them. Syria is “fascist” enough for them. In fact, one of the principal figures of this gatekeeper clique explicitly stated that these four entities form a new “fascist axis” in an interview with Mint Press News.

And by “anti-Semitism” they don’t mean goose-stepping Sieg Heil-ers who want to march Jews, Reds, Slavs, and Roma into death camps. They literally mean anyone who calls them out for harboring collective, tribalist motivations for all these purges and these attacks against the “new axis” as opposed to whatever claim they make about their own inherent virtue being their sole or most important ideological lodestone.

I’m refraining, for now, from calling any of these creatures out by name right now for two reasons: one, I happen to be in a magnanimous mood and two, names have power, names are always connected to a soul, and these things are soulless, malevolent forces in service of the ruling power of the age.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

Going forward we need to be more mindful of this. Every war, every struggle on earth is but a manifestation of a war in the spiritual realm. For those of us who recognize this fact, and I’ve been among the most guilty when it comes to this, it’s important to remember that while pawns are acceptable targets, ultimately they’re still pawns, crumbs, barking dogs in the junkyard of Hades. Never confuse 6’s for 7’s, sometimes they are hard to tell apart. Our principle targets should always be their masters.   

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