This Brazilian presidential candidate brings together the worst on the left and right

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – It is said that Marina Silva is like a virus. When the country has low immunity, then it appears, with its sickly appearance, weak voice, preaching “conciliation”, “understanding”, “union”, in that typical shallow speech of liberal democracies.

Although it is almost impossible to find someone who admits to have intentions to vote for her, as the electoral process gives indications of being confused, the possibility of Marina Silva going to the second round increases.

And although we have intentions of deepening in this personage when it is closer to the elections, it is possible to advance some judgments.

Briefly, Marina Silva brings together the worst and the roughest on the right and the left. It represents the antithesis of the most dearest values ​​of the Brazilian people and the antithesis of the consensuses that have been formed by the patriotic and anti-global forces around the world.

Marina Silva comes to the 2018 elections to defend the neoliberal economic booklet and all liberal moral and cultural guidelines. While other candidates appear only partially or to a greater or lesser degree liberal, apparently Marina Silva is the most liberal candidate.

Defending Pension Reform and abortion by the SUS, it is possible that Marina Silva is the worst figure among the possible candidates for the Presidency of Brazil. In its mainstay is also the influence of foreign NGOs extremely interested in the Amazon and other riches of the country.

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In general, the Brazilian people think in the opposite direction. Favorable to Bolsa Família and state intervention in the economy and measures of social justice and income distribution, and at the same time contrary to gay marriage, abortion, drug decriminalization and arms-carrying. This is how the Brazilian people think.

Nevertheless, not being a people who vote for specific and concrete guidelines, but from a football mentality, Marina Silva still had chances to win even defending all that the people do not want and being against all that the people are in favor.

She is advertised as the Brazilian Macron and it is, indeed, Macron’s “favorite” to rule Brazil. All this “centrist” “conciliatory” discourse is based on the fact that the dominant political-philosophical perspective of our era is liberal and it speaks from a “centrist” position within this hegemony.

Philosophical liberalism, political liberalism, economic liberalism, social liberalism and moral liberalism, all united in a single candidate. Is there anything worse?

Translated from Nova Resistencia.

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