Trump pullout: the end of Europe’s long-held illusions?

It writes finis to 3 illusions: International Law, War on Terror, and Objectivity of the Press

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Nicolas Gauthier, in Boulevard Voltaire

With Donald Trump withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal, is this the end of many long held illusions? In a way, yes.

It’s the end of the illusion of an international law – it is worth what it is worth, but at least it has the merit to exist – for the sole benefit of the primeur of the American right. The agreement in question was signed in 2015, by Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s predecessor: this means that the United States is unable to keep its word. It should be enough to call to mind the recollections of the descendants of the Indian chiefs of old, already victims of a mass immigration and a not-quite-peaceful Grand Replacement.

It’s the end, again, of the illusion of the “holy war” against Islamist terrorism, the clash of civilizations supposedly opposing the Muslim East and Christian West. Who was it that welcomed the American withdrawal from this agreement? Saudi Arabia and Israel. Riyadh, a rather Muslim capital (as its service record attests), remains the main financial, diplomatic, and religious sponsor of Islamist terrorism, while Tel Aviv spends more time and energy bombing the nations that are fighting the Islamic State (Iran and Syria) than fighting the same Islamic state. Once the anti-Islamist effervescence has passed, it is thus the return to the real,  the battle of Muslim leadership between Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Persians, with a Hebrew State playing a half-time in each camp according to its solely short-term interests.

It’s the end, again and again, of the illusion of objectivity of our dominant media. Indeed, it is the very respectable Figaro, not really a conspiracy organ, we will admit, which reveals the pot along with the roses by revealing that the American president “hired an Israeli agency to discredit the agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal.” Quoted by the same newspaper, Jack Straw, former British Foreign Minister, confirms that these  “extraordinary and appalling methods show the level of desperation of Trump and Netanyahu to discredit the agreement.” Indeed …

But the end of these illusions does not present just disadvantages. Now we know that Europe in general and France in particular are now at the foot of the wall. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, speaks of gold to come of it, since he believes that the situation will at least provide us with the opportunity to know if we have “the weight to solve international problems.” Once translated from diplomatic language into the vernacular, this raises the real question: do we still have the means to achieve our goals, while admitting that our strategic objectives are not limited to doing obeissance to the White House or the Knesset?

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More prosaically, and beyond the noble considerations of foreign policy, there is also the fear of American economic reprisal, an element to be taken into account, especially since the multi-billion dollar fines imposed on French companies on the grounds of more diverse punishments —  that have resulted in only formal protests from our authorities.

And it is François Nicoullaud, former French ambassador to Tehran, who releases the bite in an interview granted to Le Point last Tuesday: “The Europeans have always been quite timid and aligned themselves with the Americans. […] If Donald Trump gets too hard on the European wallet, there could be a wind of revolt. But one thing is certain, the Europeans will not tussle with the United States, just for Iran’s beautiful eyes.”

They are not asked so much, and the “beautiful eyes” in question do not have much to do with the case, only to know whether this Europe, whatever form it will take into the future, thinks it still has a political role to play or if it considers itself just as a third world branch. Again, another illusion may well fall apart. And there would ultimately be nothing but public health work.

PS: as for a certain line having so long seen in Donald Trump, the unsurpassable horizon of Christian civilization, we prefer to leave it to its illusions.

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