Trump sculpture to be built in the arctic – activists

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The Finnish non-governmental organization “Melting Ice” is planning to create an ice monument in the Arctic in the shape of the head of the US President Donald Trump . In this way it hopes to draw attention to the problems of global warming.

The ice head of the current American president will be 35-meters high, and the width the monument will be around 20 meters. These dimensions mirror the monuments of four American presidents carved from stone on Mount Rushmore in the US, said the project organizers.

Fundraising has already begun – it will all require about 400 thousand euros. Finnish and Mongolian ice sculptors will do the work on the ice monument, it should take around four weeks.

The organizers of the project are still picking the place for the monument – it is assumed that the sculpture will be installed on a melting arctic glacier, where the effect of global warming is considered the most tangible.

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“Global warming is one of the most important problems and topics of the day, there are people who are wondering if this is really a problem, we want to build a monument for all of us so that we can see how long the sculpture will last before it melts. People believe in something only when they see it with their own eyes” explains the chairman of the group “Melting Ice “Nicholas Prieto.

Whether or not it melts is of course not the question at hand, as it pertains to man-made or natural cycles. A reminder that there is no conclusive agreement, given much of the data has been manipulated.

Donald Trump has repeatedly questioned the theory of global warming. In this regard, in 2017, the US withdrew from the Paris agreement on climate : according to the US president, it did not meet the economic interests of his country .

Source Vesti
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