Turkish lawyer: “Greek soldiers held by Turkey will be released only if …”


A new dimension in the case of Greek soldier prisoners was given in an interview with the Turkish lawyer who was arrested in Kastanies because he passed onto Greek territory.

Speaking to ANT1, H. Sargeagen stressed that the justice division thanked everyone in Turkey. The reasoning for him entering Greek territory, he said: “I was a driver and I did not know the customs, as there was trees, a forest.”

Regarding the two Greeks detained in Adrianople’s prisons, he explained that their personal mobiles have been investigated, and there is also a third, which is under investigation.

He said that Kuklatzis and Mitretotis were slow to give the codes to open the third phone, which was finally opened last week.

Now, researchers to mobile content are expected to come next week.

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“I believe that if they are clean, they will leave them,” he said, explaining that “there is no other charge, if the phone is clean, they will let them go.”

He explained that Turkish law has no difference from the Greek one, and is called upon to answer what will happen if Erdogan wants to keep the two Greeks until the elections, clarifying that their case is not political but legal.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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