UKRAINE RETREATS – Gorlovka Offensive Melts

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Ukrainian security forces have retreated to the Chigari village summer-resort in the suburb of Gorlovka and are in a tactically disadvantaged position, which can be completely controlled from the heights they retreated from, said the head of the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Danil Bezsonov. The initial offensive was a gross violation of the Minsk agreements by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he stated.

Previously, Bezsonov reported an attempt to break through the positions of the forces of the DPR near Gorlovka on Friday. As a result of the breakthrough, the Ukrainian units were stopped and suffered losses: nine of their soldiers were killed and five wounded. According to Bezsonov, this step was necessary for them to seize several positions, so as to continue unhindered to the south-eastern outskirts of the village – Chigari.

However the Ukrainian army was pushed back, losing one of their dominant positions (at a height) to the south of Chigari.

Since March 30th, the leadership of the DPR and LPR in the Donbass region have been trying to maintain the so-called Easter truce, however, as in the previous ceasefire, shelling continues.

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The offensive was known to the DPR and LPR in advance, and timed to coincide with the inauguration of President Putin on May 7th and Victory Day on May 9th. Similarly, NATO artillery advisers had arrived in the Ukraine in the first week of May, when shelling was carried out under their instruction.

President Putin has previously reiterated that there are no Russian forces in the Donbass but the area is well-armed. When asked by what means the Donbass obtains weaponry – he answered not so cryptically – that where one side (Kiev) insists on assistance from another party, then the Donbass ‘will also find opportunities’.  While Russia remains ‘the aggressor’ in mainstream rhetoric, decisions are simply mirrored to those of Kiev.

Source Vesti
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