Ukrainian Futility: MP dreams of Crimean border military concentration

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A Ukrainian MP has demanded to position more Ukrainian military forces on the border with the so-called occupied Crimea to “provide effective resistance to Russia’s subversive activity.”

The head of the International Affairs Committee of the Supreme Rada (Ukrainian parliament) Anna Gopko appealed to the authorities demanding to displace a National Guard unit on the border with Crimea and also increase the number of military personnel in the border regions with Russia.

According to the policy, the current situation in the south of the region in question poses a problem for the national security of Ukraine.

“In four years, Ukraine’s defense capabilities have increased significantly, but the military presence near the occupied Crimea is minimal. It is not enough to provide effective resistance to Russia’s subversive activity,” wrote the deputy on Facebook.

However, it is not clear what Russian “subversive activity” is all about, since it is the Ukrainian side that normally organizes provocations or announces them.

For example, on the border with Crimea appeared ads that indirectly called for the conquest of the peninsula.

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In addition, Kiev regularly calls for “withdrawing” the Crimean bridge from Russia or imposing sanctions against those who cross it to reach the peninsula.

As for the peninsula’s own residents, they explained that such comments are a “sick fantasy” by Ukrainian authorities.

Crimea returned to Russia in 2014 after a referendum in which more than 90% of residents chose to reunite. However, Kiev still considers the peninsula to be Ukrainian territory.

Russian officials have repeatedly stressed that reunification took place through a referendum, in accordance with international law.

In this context, the Russian Ministry of Defense is increasing the defense capabilities of military units in Crimea. At the moment, more modern armament models are positioned in the area. However, according to military sources, air defense units will soon be receiving more S-400 and Pantsir-S units, which will ensure the safety of the region.

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