‘Ukropian delusions: ”New Crimea bridge is Ukraine’s”

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Crimea will supposedly decide to join Ukraine and, consequently, the Crimean Bridge – called Kerch Bridge – will be Ukrainian. At least that’s the opinion of a Ukrainian member of parliament living in clear denial.

The Crimean Bridge will belong to Ukraine, assured Deputy of the Supreme Rada (Ukrainian parliament), Anton Geraschenko, quoted by the 112 Ukraina television channel .

In his words, “the Russians built the Kerch Bridge [the Crimean Bridge]”, which “will be owned by Ukraine after Crimea is returned to our country.”

To argue his position, the parliamentarian offered an example of history. However, he stressed that this could take several decades.

In 1871, the Germans took French Alsace and Lorraine, where they built many bridges and roads. But after World War I they had to return Alsace and Lorraine, and so the French received all the German investment in the cities that were returned.

“It will be a long way from economic sanctions and diplomacy, but in general the Kerch Bridge is useful for Ukraine.”

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On Tuesday, Putin inaugurated the Crimean Bridge, linking the Crimean peninsula to the Russian region of Krasnodar. It is the longest bridge in Russia, 19 kilometers long. The inauguration was scheduled for December 2018, but the builders completed the work well in advance.

The Crimea Bridge has four lanes, two in each direction, with a flow capacity of up to 40,000 vehicles per day and two railway lines with daily flow capacity of up to two trains with 47 wagons each, which will begin at the end of 2019.

The Crimea returned to Russia in 2014 after a referendum, where more than 90 percent of people voted for reunification. However, Kiev still considers the peninsula as Ukrainian territory.

Russian officials have repeatedly stressed that reunification took place through a referendum, in accordance with international law. Despite this fact, many countries, particularly Atlanticist, have sanctions on Russia because of this.

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