Urgent: Ukraine may block Kerch strait with US ships

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The Kerch strait connects the Black Sea and Azov Sea. The Ukrainian authorities are preparing the organization of “convoy escorts” to blockade the Kerch Strait from Russia. Such a statement was made in an interview with the “Observer” by the former deputy minister of defense of Ukraine, the admiral of the reserve Igor Kabanenko.

According to him, Kiev is obliged to act within the framework of international laws, but it should nevertheless prepare for the organization of military convoys to escort ships passing through the Kerch Strait.

“We should prepare for various negative scenarios until we blockade the passage of vessels across the Kerch Strait to Mariupol and Berdyansk, military convoys may not be needed, but under certain conditions this may be the only way to ensure the safety of all at the junction of the two seas,” he said.

In this case, the admiral said, “any measures to detain or inspect convoy ships will be qualified as an attack on a military convoy, that is, an act of aggression, with the corresponding rights and duties of warships to repel it.”

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As a measure of deterrence, the admiral proposed the organization of military patrols at sea. At the same time, Kabanenko recalled that the US patrol boats have not yet been delivered to Ukraine, which would guarantee the capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy.”

Earlier, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy Refat Chubarov proposed to create an international consortium that will manage the Crimean bridge “after its alienation” from Russia.

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