US Amasses Troops in Europe, Pentagon Warns of “Nuclear Catastrophe”

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The United States has started the deployment of troops from Belgium to Eastern Europe as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, reports the Defense News portal with reference to a representative of US forces in Europe.

According to Defense News, the deployment is for large-scale maneuvers aimed at training for a swift deployment of troops on European territory in the event of a possible conflict on the continent, particularly against Russia.

In total, 3,300 troops and 650 units of military equipment will be deployed, including 87 M-1 Abrams tanks and 18 M-109 Paladins. The equipment will be positioned in the Baltic countries, as well as in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

It is also reported that part of the troop contingent will be re-positioned near rails and highways. In addition, maritime transport which has never before been used for these purposes will be tested.

On June 3-15, the troops will also take part in the large Saber Strike military exercises in Poland and the Baltic region which will involve 18,000 soldiers from NATO countries.

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Meanwhile, Defense News reports, the US House of Representatives has not approved the 2019 military budget amendment that would limit funding for the project to create new low-power nuclear warheads. The rejected amendment would halve funding for the low-power nuclear warheads program W76-2 for Trident II ballistic missiles.

The amendment was supported by only 188 of the 435 members of the House of Representatives – 266 Congressmen voted against. Representatives of the Republican Party have openly stated that this program will be one of the means for “containing” Russia.

Earlier, former officials of the Pentagon’s security organs and committees sent a letter to Congress calling to not authorize funding for the program to create new nuclear warheads. The military’s letter suggested that the development of the tactical nuclear weapons program would be “a gateway to nuclear catastrophe.” 

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