US Defense Analyst Compares Russian & Chinese Fighter Jets

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The National Interest‘s defense editor, Dave Majumdar has published a new article comparing the Russian Su-57 and Chinese Chengdu J-20 fifth-generation fighter jets. While the article highlighted the maneuverability of the Russian fighter jets, it attributed stealth as the main advantage to the Chinese aircraft.

According to the magazine, in terms of maneuverability the Su-57 surpasses the Chengdu J-20, even when still equipped with the older “first-phase engine” (Product 117). When Russian fighter jets are equipped with a more advanced engine, developed specifically for fifth generation aircraft (Product 30), its capabilities can be compared to those of the F-22.

However, according to the story, if the Chinese fighter is equipped with a more advanced engine, its maneuverability will be comparable to that of the Su-57.

On the other hand, the Chengdu J-20 surpasses the Russian aircraft in terms of stealth. In this sense, the Chinese aircraft is comparable with the F-22 and F-35.

“It is because the Russians and the Chinese have different requirements and design priorities, which has led them to different commitments regarding fifth generation fighters,” Majumdar concluded.

Meanwhile, Russian military analyst Vladimir Popov has commented that because of certain priorities in the construction of the Su-57 fighter, the Russians have not put stealth in the first place.

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“We put this characteristic [stealth] in second or third place. For us, the important thing is the high maneuverability, the reduction of manufacturing and maintenance costs, simplicity, and then everything else,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to Military Watch, the US Air Force’s F-22 fighter jets in Syria have not been able to overcome the advantages of the Russian counterparts.

“Iraq’s sky and especially Syria became a veritable storehouse of information on how we operate during operations. Our enemies are watching us and studying,” said Jamieson Veralinn, Lieutenant General of the US Air Force.

Majumdar has previously stressed that the significance of comparing Russian and US fighter jets’ operations in Syria is that “this is testing in an actual war.”

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