US demands Venezuela release suspected American terrorist

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The US Embassy in Caracas has asked the Venezuelan government to release US citizen Joshua Holt, saying that his life is in danger after the riot at the headquarters of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin), El Helicoide in Caracas .

“We are very concerned about the riot on El Helicoide, Joshua Holt’s life is in danger and we are asking the Government once again for humanitarian reasons,” the US Embassy said on its Twitter account.

Mormon missionary Joshua Holt was arrested in June 2016 in Venezuela, where he traveled to marry his girlfriend Thamara Candelo.

According to the version of the American and his family, Holt went to live in Caracas after the wedding, while awaiting the release of his wife’s visa to travel to the United States.

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Two weeks after his marriage, Holt was arrested at his wife’s home, where officials found rifles, ammunition and grenades that were used and to be used to attack the government.

The US’ official demands to have Holt released come just ahead of the Venezuela elections to be held this Sunday, May 20th, which the US’ lackey Lima group has already denounced as illegitimate.

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