US Does Not Recognize Venezuela Elections, Will Impose New Sanctions

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Speaking to the press on Sunday afternoon, US State Department No. 2 John Sullivan confirmed that the US will not recognize the results of the Venezuelan presidential elections which Nicolas Maduro won on Sunday. The US has developed a package of measures to “deal” with the elected Venezuelan government.

In addition, Sullivan commented that the United States is considering new sanctions on Venezuelan oil and that the package of actions against the elections carried out on Sunday, even under the US-backed and reactionary opposition boycott will be discussed at a G20 meeting in Buenos Aires on Monday.

However, the US government spokesman says that the measures will be cautious so as not to overly damage the country in case of future “restoration” of Venezuelan democracy from the “regime”.

“We need to make sure we adhere to our goal, which is to target officials of the corrupt regime and not the people of Venezuela,” Sullivan was quoted as saying. “We do not want to harm the country in a way that makes reparation difficult after the restoration of democracy.”

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With some opposition representatives arrested or barred from running on charges of corruption and traitorous collaboration with imperialist and hegemonic forces, Nicolás Maduro proved to be the favored candidate for another six-year presidential term on Sunday. In addition to the US, several other countries have already announced that they will not recognize the new government, thus demonstrating that they do not support true democracy, but are only interested in imposing their hegemony on a sovereign and independent state.

The official voter turnout according to the National Electoral Council was 46.1%, although the opposition and Western media have claimed a significantly lower figure.

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