US Navy in decline: Super-carrier project delayed past 2022


The brand-new US Navy carrier, USS Gerald Ford, had to return to port due to a failure, which delayed the start of its service until 2022, Bloomberg reported.

According to Bloomberg, problems with the “main thrust bearing” of the ship’s power generator were detected as early as January, but to date they have not yet been resolved.

It is worth noting that Navy representatives reported on the incident only a few weeks ago when Congress considered the budget.

A similar problem already occurred during the tests of the aircraft carrier in April 2017.

It was planned that the USS Gerald Ford would begin serving the US Navy in 2019, but now this deadline has been postponed to 2022.

The United States began building the new USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier in 2009. Since then, the cost of the project has increased 22% to $ 12.9 billion. Thus, the aircraft carrier has become the most expensive in the history of the American Navy.

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The lengthy construction of the ship and its high cost provoked criticism from US lawmakers to the Pentagon and Navy.

As Franz-Stefan Gady previously wrote:

“Controlling the cost of the Ford-class program has been a big challenge for the U.S. Navy, with cost overruns around $2.3. billions so far. The first-of-class USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), commissioned in July 2017, is already the U.S. Navy’s most expensive warship in its history, with total cost amounting to almost $13 billion. The per-unit cost of the remaining ships of the class is estimated at around $10 billion. The Ford’s follow-on, the future USS John F. Kennedy CVN-79), will likely be commissioned in 2020.”

“The USS Gerald R. Ford, commissioned in July 2017, is equipped with a host of new and untested technologies, including the carrier’s two main turbine generators, a new dual-band radar system, advanced weapons elevators, and a new advanced arresting gear on the flight deck. (U.S. President Donald Trump objected to the installation of some of the new systems such as General Dynamics’ new electromagnetic aircraft launch system aboard, as I reported in May 2017.) It is precisely the reliability of these new systems that the Pentagon wants to thoroughly test.”

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