US’ Nightmare Comes True: Russia and China are Building Alternative World Order

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The US’ new policy line towards China is leading to a rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing, Russian analyst Timofei Bordachev believes.

On April 25-26, a Russian-Chinese conference was held in Shanghai under the International Valdai Discussion Club. According to statements by several Chinese analysts, relations between the US and China are changing due to US President Donald Trump’s policy, Bordachev explained to

Launching the “One Belt One Road” strategy – a huge investment initiative – Beijing has attracted small and medium-sized countries in Asia and Eurasia.

The US hoped that China’s moves on the continent would provoke a confrontation with Russia. However, according to Bordachev, “This is a projection of their own behavioral attitudes onto Russia and an underestimation of Moscow’s rationality.”

Meanwhile, Russia has welcomed Chinese investments in the former Soviet republics and is interested in expanding China’s security presence.

The reason is simple: Beijing does not plan to turn these countries into nationalist and anti-Russian regimes, as Washington and its allies do. In this sense, Russia and China are in full step.

At the same time, Chinese investments could contribute to socio-economic stability in Central Asia and alleviate, at least partially, the burden of Russia and its labor market, the analyst said.

At the end of 2017, Russia and China were officially declared adversaries in the US’ foreign policy program and strategic documents. In the spring of 2018, Washington launched a trade war against China and imposed sanctions against the giants of Chinese industry, such as the electronics producer Huawei.

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This change in US policy comes as China has announced its ambitious goals to develop and improve its global role, Bordachev says.

“The worst that could happen to the US has happened: China has begun offering an alternative to smaller countries, that is, a source of resources for the independent development of the institutions of certain Western countries, as well as a huge market.”

Speaking of peaceful expansion and cooperation, China, intentionally or unintentionally, has called into question the most important basis of US power: control over the world economy.

According to the political scientist, Chinese money is a direct and immediate strategic challenge for the US.

As for Russia, China’s growing economic influence poses no threat to the country, the analyst claimed.

“Russia has obtained revenues not from control over markets, nor from trade routes, as the US does, but from the sale of its own energy resources and from what its land and its engineering ideas produce. For example, wheat and good affordable weapons,” Bordachev said.

To resist the unilateral new “Cold War” that is being unleashed against Moscow and Beijing by the United States, the two powers must strengthen their cooperation, improve legislation, create common institutions and develop humanitarian ties, the Bordachev concluded.

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