US spy aircraft intercepted near Russia- and they don’t like it

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The US Navy has not commented on reports about the interception of the US anti-submarine aircraft P-8 Poseidon by the Russian Su-27 fighter over the Baltic Sea. When asked to confirm reports by the media, the US Navy representative in Europe, Zach Harrell, said that US Navy ships and aircraft regularly interact with military units of other countries, and, according to the current Pentagon policy, detailed information on the interactions of the military are not published.

“If unsafe interaction occurs in the future, we will immediately provide additional information,” he said.

Earlier, the American television channel CNN reported, that Pentagon officials consider it unprofessional by the Russians, to intercept a US Navy aircraft that took place on Tuesday, May 1. According to the television channel, the Russian fighter flew about 20 feet (six meters) from the American P-8.

Previously “unsafe” interception, according to the Americans, occurred on January 29. Then the Russian Su-27, while observing safety standards, intercepted an American aircraft ER-3E Aries II over the Black Sea, near the Russian border.  It’s almost like the US doesn’t know where it’s borders end and another’s begin.

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The US Navy said that the interception was identified as unsafe, since the Su-27 approached five feet (about one and a half meters) and crossed the flight path of the EP-3.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Russia then recommended the US to either exclude future flights from Russian borders, or simply adhere to airspace rules.

Source Vesti
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