Victory Day and the Global Memory Hole

By Navid Nasr

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Glory to the martyrs of the Russian motherland and the Soviet Union on this, the 73rd anniversary of Victory Day!

By Navid Nasr

Unfortunately, such glory has long been denied them outside of Russia and the Russosphere itself, thanks chiefly to the self-serving Atlanticist propaganda machine whose tentacles reach into virtually nook, cranny and crevice from one end of the globe to the other.

Hollywood, TV, and the western mainstream media have combined to rewrite the history of World War II in such a way as to completely erase the Eastern Front and reduce the conflict down to D-Day, Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, Churchill and the Holocaust. One is almost forgiven for living in ignorance of certain facts: Facts like the tens of millions of Slavs, Central Asians, Caucasians, etc. who heroically gave their lives in the war against Nazi aggression.

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Or the fact that the one man who is most responsible for the military defeat of the Nazis was General Georgy Zhukov and not George S. Patton nor Douglas MacArthur.

But the time is fast approaching when the global propaganda matrix will be no more and the true heroes of that bloodiest of all wars will finally be recognized by the entire world for heroic, selfless actions and their martyrdom and heroism.

Hasten the day.

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