Washington officially cuts off aid to YPG and Al-Qaeda in NW Syria

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The US claims it has officially suspended the financial aid program in northwestern Syria and will allocate funds to other regions, CBS reported, citing US administration sources.

According to the US based channel, CBS, which is owned by Westinghouse Corporation – a critical part of the US Military Industrial Complex and global energy market players – the payments of tens of thousands of dollars for projects related to “the fight against violent extremism, support for independent society and independent media, strengthening of education and promotion of community surveillance” will be canceled. However, humanitarian aid will not be affected.

CBS reports that the US president, Donald Trump, had previously ordered a review of the US programs in Syria.
At the same time, officials are looking into channeling cut funds into other projects.

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According to the broadcaster, critics of this policy predict the strengthening of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government positions or, in another scenario, increase terrorist influence in the region and transform his ideology as “Assad’s only alternative.”

There are also opinions according to which, if the US leaves the region, other countries will also review its presence there.

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