Who did Forbes declare as the World’s Most Powerful man?

China's Premier, Xi Jinping, of course!

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Forbes magazine has just published its annual list of the world’s most powerful people. This time, the ranking is led by the leaders of the three world powers: China, Russia and the USA.

The list of 75 people was prepared by taking into account four factors: how many people have power, what financial resources they control, influence in more than one area, and how effectively they exert their power to change the world.

Forbes’ annual ranking of the most powerful people in the world identifies one in every 100 million people, whose actions carry great weight.

Xi Jinping, the secretary general of the Communist Party of China, won first place. The politician expanded his influence after the amendment that adopted the National People’s Congress of China to eliminate the limits of the presidential mandate.

“He enjoys a personality cult that has not been seen since President Mao,” according to the Forbes report.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dropped to 2nd place, and lost his place as number one on the list for the fourth consecutive year which is “something unprecedented.”

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“Putin has ruled Russia since May 2000, and this year he was re-elected to the fourth term with almost 77% of the vote, which represents the highest margin of victory for any candidate since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Trump also dropped to third place. According to the magazine, although in the US the politician has “limited success in promoting his agenda through the Congress controlled by his own party” despite the fact the American leader “is still head of the largest economic-military power of the world. ”

The fourth most powerful person in the world is a woman – German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This year, Forbes added 17 new names to the list. Among them are the prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (number eight), US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell (11) and South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in (54).


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