Why is corporate media quiet about Israel’s routine attacks on Syria?

By Jay Tharappel

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”Israel knows that the corporate media will say nothing when they routinely attack Syria whereas Syria knows that every once in a while they have to make Israel pay a price for their aggression or otherwise it will get worse.”

By Jay Tharappel

Because Israel is a nation of colonial settlers it means they have a disproportionate percentage of their population with more than one passport whose ability to emigrate in times of strife is a major threat to the stability of the regime. Israel cries louder than anyone when they lose soldiers, their sensitivity to IDF body bags coming home is a major weakness that Hezbollah by comparison doesn’t really have.

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The reason for the silence of the corporate media is because the Gulf monarchs who dominate Arab media (which filters into the west) have made very clear that they side with Israel against Syria & Iran. The silence allows the pro-Zionist media to play victim, which is a license for even more aggression, especially since it can be used to justify reversing rapprochement with Iran.

Russia could take a harder stance against Israel but the marginal cost to the Russian state would be higher than any potential benefit, even in the long-term. Some of the richest Russians are dual Israeli citizens, pissing them off comes at a price, and so it becomes more natural for Russia to see its role as a mediator.

Israel doesn’t want Iran to develop nuclear energy because Iran doesn’t think Israel should exist (fair enough). The Gulf states are afraid of Iran becoming the dominant oil exporter, especially Saudi Arabia which has no way of making money aside from selling oil. The US doesn’t want to see Iran develop because they’d prefer their Gulf allies were the dominant exporters of the commodity that backs the value of their currency.


Jay Tharappel is a PhD Candidate and lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia. He has been a prominent voice against capitalism and imperialism, and towards a system based on the necessity of socio-economic justice. He is an author of numerous essays and commentaries available across the web, and increasingly featured on FRN.

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