WIDENING GAP: Pentagon afraid of Russia’s new Hypersonic missile

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WASHINGTON DC – The US military has expressed concerns about reports regarding the commissioning of Russian MiG-31 interceptor fighters equipped with Kinzhal missiles, a military portal claims.

Several senior Pentagon officials stressed that the US is unprotected against hypersonic weapons of Russian production. For example, the US military is not capable of dealing with weapons with a speed greater than Mach 3, while the new Russian missiles reach Mach 5, Mach 10 and even Mach 20.

Quoted by Military Watch, senior military officials also point out that the United States is not even capable of overcoming SCUD Soviet missiles, which were produced long before the hypersonic “family”.

This is at odds with mainstream American default thinking on the subject. The myth of American military superiority and American exceptionalism isn’t just exposed through Phyric victory followed by tactical defeat in the battle-fields of the real world, but is confirmed by retired former military members, regardless of rank.

The MiG-31, on the other hand, has been optimized to be able to carry heavy missiles, while its great precision is an ideal candidate for the installation of the Kinzhal. The missile launch occurs at a height greater than 10 kilometers. Thanks to the aerodynamic handling system, the Kinzhal can maneuver and avoid dangerous areas.

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The missile eliminates targets about 2,000 kilometers away, which is beyond the reach of any air defense system. These will prove exceptionally important as a deterrent to Atlanticist aggression upon Russia and it’s strategic partners, especially in the Levant and Persian Gulf.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov emphasized that the Kinzhal is unmatched, unreachable, and has massive potential on the battlefield, or in any conflict. The main targets for this weapon are large ships – carriers and battleships – the utility of which any number of military experts have warned for some time may be becoming obsolete doctrines.

Experts point out that for now no country in the world has at its disposal a weapon compared to the Kinzhal.

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