Will Trump’s Triple Diplomatic Defeat Ruin North Korean Summit?

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North Korea has stated that it does not need a summit with the United States if such will only address the denuclearization of the country. At the same time, North Korea canceled a planned meeting with neighboring South Korea. Russian political commentator Dmitry Kosyrev has offered his two cents on understanding how Kim “got angry”, effectively threatening to cancel his historic meeting with Trump on June 12.

For the US, nothing special really happened, because everyone is already accustomed to strong statements by Pyongyang,  Kosyrev says. That is why Washington understands Kim’s protest as a deliberate “maneuver,” a kind of whim. At the same time, the White House continues to firmly believe that the country will yield to the powerful US and disarm.

“But North Korea’s neighbors (including Russia) understood Kim’s step differently,” says Kosyrev.

In fact, Kosyrev, argues, through governmental diplomacy Trump wrote his own scenario for the meeting in Singapore, which did not please Pyongyang – all the more so as the country has the capacity to resist.

“The US should understand that pressure on Kim will not work for Trump, just as it did not work for former US presidents with former Kims. First, it’s not about a giant’s battle against a lone dwarf , but diplomacy involving several strong powers,” says the columnist.

Kosyrev explains that, in the Americans’ view, all concessions should be made only by Pyongyang, which has refused Chinese mediation to speak directly with Trump. The latter, in turn, believes that all economic issues should be discussed with South Korea, not with Washington, while Pyongyang must close its nuclear area, release American prisoners and agree to meet on a territory not totally neutral , but an ally of the US – Singapore. That is, non-stop, unilateral concessions,” stresses Kosyrev.

Chinese media have suggested that every step by North Korea must be accompanied by a respective step from the US.

Meanwhile, the “negotiations between equals with bilateral concessions” are a horror to the Trump team, which is positioning itself as the “tough guys” who win through pressure alone.

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Kosyrev pointed out the irrationality: “They announced in advance that Kim has surrendered, and then suddenly there are these problems.”

To prove this theory, Kosyrev cites the recent visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang, during which he allegedly delivered the plan for the next meeting. The North Koreans listened to him, waited a little and “soon manifested their reaction,” he explained.

Another factor pointing to the defeat of “pressure diplomacy” is that the United States has failed to “isolate” China from the resolution of the North Korean conflict (the evidence being at least two bilateral meetings held between the leaders of the two countries).

In addition, the journalist recalls the case of the so-called “trade war” that recently broke out between Beijing and Washington, and concludes that attempts to put pressure on the Chinese and the North Koreans have eventually turned against Trump himself.

The recent scandal over the Iranian nuclear deal broken by the US in early May throws still more fuel into the fire.

“The same kind of deal is being discussed with North Korea, and if the US broke it so easily, why would the North Koreans need to wake up with such a partner?”, Kosyrev begs the question.

In conclusion, Kosyrev emphasized that the outcome of the meeting in Singapore will be “interesting”, but it is certain that the summit will not go as planned by the White House.

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