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SERBIA – Any possible stabilization of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija has been put into question by the increasingly frequent attacks by Albanians on the Serbian population in this southern part of Serbia.

The first in a series of attacks occurred in Petric, when Albanians stoned Serbians; Serbs returned to their homeland for the first time since they were expelled by Albanian terrorists during the ethnic cleansing of Serbs which took place, and is still taking place, similarly to occupied Palestine.


The occasion of their visit was to celebrate the high holy day observing the Holy Trinity at the Church of the Holy Trinity in that village. Access to the church was blocked by Albanians with their vehicles, but that did not stop Serbs and a Serbian priest to stand there and pray. They were attacked at the time of their payer and on that occasion three people were injured, one of them was a young man who was seriously injured.



The incident in Petric was condemned by the director of the office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric who stated following:

“The uncivilized protest in Petric, shows that the extremists are not satisfied enough with the fact that Serbs were expelled from Kosovo and Metohija, but that they want to completely eradicate and suppress any recollection of Serbian existence in that part of our southern province”.

He also added: “Serbians from Kosovo and Metohija have been systematically prevented by Albanians from celebrating Christian holidays in their villages for years”.

He called on KFOR to end violence that is being committed “upon the Orthodox people in Kosovo and Metohija” and noted that they should ensure the security of Serbians in Kosovo and Metohija, and asked international institutions to restore the rule of law in the southern province.

Djuric said that violence is clearly organized, systematically, and that it aims to intimidate and expel the remaining Serbians from Kosovo and Metohija.

He also stated that these Serbians were disallowed for decades from rebuilding their homes and sanctuaries, as well as to agriculturally cultivate their land, adding that at the same time of the previous attack, there was an attack in Suvi Dol village, near Kosovska Mitrovica, at the health clinic.

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With this attack Albanian terrorists showed that not only do they not respect any of the human rights guaranteed, but that they also do not respect moral obligations, which is to not attack  cities where civilians can be injured, and also to not start a war during holy days.

A few days after this attack, a new attack occurred in the village of Staro Gacko, when three Serbians were injured in a conflict with Albanians, among which was a six month old baby.

As it was stated, the conflict occurred when the local Serbians tried to protect the children who had been playing on the playground and who were provoked and attacked by Albanians, what escalated into the attack were that three people of Serbian ethnicity were injured.

In the village of  Staro Gracko nowadays live 150 Serbs.

Staro Gacko is a settlement in the municipality of Lipljan, and it was heard of when 19 years ago, on July 23, Albanian terrorists killed 14 Serbian farmers in the fields. None of the Albanians were prosecuted for this crime even til today.

Also, Seriban president Aleksandar Vucic, in connection to everything above mentioned, stated the following:

“I am afraid that the Albanians have decided that with somebody’s tacit or substantial support they will not only bring unrest and fear to the Serbians, but also take some other measures. The solution of the Kosovo and Metohija issue should be resolved with the will of the people, if necessary – even in a referendum”.

“Statements of the Albanian officials are very scary”, Vucic said adding that he is concerned about the absolute silence of the international community.

“They said it out loud to Europe and to the world that they are not interested in the ZSO (Community of Serbian Municipalities) and in the Brussels agreement. They also do not want to carry out what is an international treaty“, Vucic stated.

“I am asking officials of the international community to pay attention on them and resolve it.”, he concluded.

He recalled that several attacks on Serbs have taken place since May 5, 2018: “Dejan Slavic was arrested for no reason, the Zvezda football club was forbidden to play their match in Kosovo and Metohija , the Markovic family was attacked, facilities of Dragisa Mitrovic were burned, the health clinic in Suvi Dol was stoned, Serbians were attacked in the village of Petric, Matkovic family was attacked, and the entry of Boris Malagurski was forbidden”, the president warned.

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