NOT THE ONION: Israel warns Ukraine of Iranian missiles

Israel has apparently felt it necessary to add some more layers to their public tantrum


Israel has apparently felt it necessary to add some more layers to their public tantrum/delirium. Iran, warns Israel already has missiles that can reach Europe, including Ukraine.

So we are told that these were the words stated by the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Eliav Belotserkovski just over the weekend (or was it Monday?).  In his absolutely unbiased opinion these Iranian missiles are improving everyday and can strike Ukraine. It would be foolish here not to play the nuclear card again here, and Israel doesn’t let anyone down. At the same time, to be fair, Iranian missiles are indeed probably improving. If Iran displays the cognitive agility it does in diplomacy as it does in weapons research and development, then they are probably improving far beyond what Israel is capable of. But what does Belotserkovski seem to want us to think?

“Iran is a country that can create nuclear weapons and wants our death. They already have rockets that cover not only the territory of Israel. They can reach Europe. And to Ukraine. And they develop these missiles unhindered. In addition, they support various terrorist groups in the Middle East – Hamas, Hezbollah. They also want our destruction,” the diplomat said.

According to him, Iran is now seriously strengthening its positions in the Middle East: in the south of Saudi Arabia, in Yemen, and worse, in Lebanon and Syria.   But Belotserkovski’s histrionics really just mirror those of Netanyahu, who while visiting Europe some time over a week ago, had his security services declare they had foiled an assassination attempt, so we are asked to believe. And this was just so timed while he was in Europe and could mention that the would be assassins had ties to some terror cell in Syria – you see, so Israel’s interventions against the SAA are therefore legitimized, somehow.

And it’s always important to raise the Syria specter now, Israel finds itself with even more self-deluded, self justification for what it really wants. Syria to be in a semi-anarchic state with its resources picked off and controlled at the points of production by local militias.

“These are the countries that border us. Syria as a result of the civil war is in a semi-anarchic state. And we have information that Iran is strengthening its outpost in Syria. Iran expands its presence there,” the ambassador concluded.

Well in fairness the good ambassador isn’t off his rocker here, no, not by a long shot. Indeed, Iran’s influence – as Syria’s long-time regional ally and supporter – has grown in precisely that country which is its ally and is being attacked. No surprise there.

But why the result of Syria being attacked, and the logical consequence of what happens when a country asks another for help, is somehow now a semi-secretive and nefarious plot itself which Israeli’s are now being increasingly public about and blowing the whistle, is beyond the farthest reaches of the capacities of thinking people.

Indeed, there is not a regime in Syria, there is a government. They do not attack or occupy parts of Syria, they liberate these from the foreign assault.

And there is not democracy there where Israel situates, but a Zionist entity. Adding to the noise now that Iran is also a threat to Ukraine wouldn’t even be a believable headline some years ago. Whether Belotserkovski or Netanyahu, we are always bound to be either outraged or grievously entertained.


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jabirujoe .
jabirujoe .
3 years ago

Has Ukraine insulted the mullahs? I can’t for the life of me see why Iran would ever try to destroy Ukraine. They are doing an excellent job of that all by themselves.

3 years ago

The greatest threat to all of Europe are the Israeli nuclear missiles that were revealed by a senior Israeli general to be aimed at NATO countries to ensure that NATO countries kneel to Israel if Israel was about to be defeated.

The “Samson Option “.

Jack P
Jack P
3 years ago

Belotserkovski – perhaps that should be a term describing a nut in a straight-jacket flailing about in a rubber room.

3 years ago

Sounds like Ukraine might be the victim of a nuclear false flag…

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