Bondarenko tells the German Bundestag the real story of Donbass

the Ukrainian army is shooting at the cities of Donbass, exposing local residents to mortal danger


Via Novorosinform

Yelena Bondarenko, during a speech at the Bundestag, told of Ukraine’s shelling the cities of Donbass
On Monday, June 11, in the Bundestag, they hosted an open hearing on “The state of freedom of speech and rights in Ukraine.” The former Verkhovna Rada deputy Elena Bondarenko said that the Ukrainian army is shooting at the cities of Donbass, exposing local residents to mortal danger, reports News-front.

And, as we learn from Yelena Bondarenko’s Facebook page, it was a panel put together by the German political party, Die Linke:* “Berlin. Faction Die Linke. Theme – human rights and freedom of speech in Ukraine.Invited panelists are Ruslan Kotsaba, Olga Semchenko, Elena Berezhnaya, Vitaly Serdyuk, Valentin Rybin, Leonid Kozhara, and me.

“The Ukrainian constitution guarantees the Ukrainian citizen the right to life, but do the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian army guarantee the right to life, to those people who live in the Donbass? No! Because the Ukrainian army is bombarding its own Ukrainian cities – Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka, which are now part of the LDNR. Three and one half million ordinary unarmed people live there, that live, work, raise children, and care for their old people, and these people are getting shot by the Ukrainian army,” Bondarenko said.

“Thus, the right to life of these people is in no way protected and, moreover, it is violated by the hands of the Ukrainian military,” she added.

It should be noted that for the first time in the four years since the coup, such acute topics as political prisoners, torture, murders and beatings of journalists, censorship in the media were raised at such a high official level.

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Simultaneously with the hearings in the Bundestag in Berlin, the Foreign Ministers of the “Norman Quartet” were meeting.

The UN Security Council on June 6 adopted a statement in which it condemned violations of the ceasefire in the Donbass. All 15 members of the Security Council agreed on the text of the statement, which will be the first statement of the Council on Ukraine since January 2017.


*Die Linke is the party of Sarah Wagenknecht, a welcome voice against the likes of those who parrot the line of the Neocons. You will find it interesting to go to our FRN search box, and enter “Wagenknecht.”

Permit me a personal additional note:  In September 2014, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Bondarenko published an Open Letter about the situation in the Ukrainian Parliament with this invitation“My friends, here is my declaration. I ask that you share it to the extent possible. If you can translate it into other languages, please do!” So I did. I spent an evening translating it, posted it on my Fb page, and later, when I learned of Fort Russ, I volunteered my help, sending along my translation as a sample.  Kristina Rus, FRN’s originator, published it. This was how I began at FRN.

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