Can the US produce artillery to rival Russia?

The United States is preparing a "powerful competitor" for Russian artillery

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The United States is preparing a “powerful competitor” for Russian artillery, the media has claimed. Military specialist Konstantin Sivkov estimated at what cost the Americans will try to reach their goal.

Military magazine Warrior Maven says that the United States is creating the prototype of a howitzer, whose range must exceed twice that of the existing artillery.

This is the M777ER shell that is being developed under the Cannon Reach Artillery program (ERCA). The new North American weapon will be created based on the M777А2 shell that has a range of 30 kilometers. It is noted that the M777ER can reach targets at a distance of more than 70 kilometers.

The edition also notes that the modified version will be 455 pounds heavier than the M777А2 and 1.8 meters longer. The muzzle will also have new models of mouth and breech brake.

The magazine adds that the American howitzer is being crafted to overcome its Russian competitor 2S33 Msta-SM of 152 mm caliber and targets sites from more than 40 kilometers. Developers want to increase the accuracy of the M777ER so that it not only has a long range, but also can reach moving targets as well as make accurate shots under conditions of limited visibility.

The M777 is produced by British company BAE Systems. The gun weighs 4,218 pounds, has a range of about 30 kilometers and a possible target deviation of five meters. Five people are required to operate the howitzer.

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Sivkov noted that the Americans are betting on the reach of the howitzer, and this is not by chance.

“It is very effective in wars such as in Syria. There is a Soviet-type bomber, Pion of 203 mm caliber, with a common projectile range of about 40 kilometers and active and reactive projectile of 50 kilometers. In the course of the campaign in Syria, it has greatly impressed the Americans,” Sivkov explained.

According to the analyst, to achieve the announced goals, the Americans will have to use self-guided projectiles, which will significantly increase the cost of the weapon.

“Since there is no other way to increase shooting accuracy, it must be realized that such projectiles are very expensive – at least ten times more than the cost of a common projectile,” summarized Sivkov.

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