‘Colossal experience’: Expert comments on Russian actions in Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about the withdrawing Russian troops from Syria. Political scientist Dmitry Evstafiev said the Russian military has demonstrated a new level of interaction in the Arab country.

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin, at a meeting in the Kremlin with the best finalists of Russian military schools, commented on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria.

According to Putin, in recent days, 13 planes, 14 helicopters, and 1,140 military personnel have been withdrawn from Syria. Putin added that the experience gained by the Russian military in the anti-terrorist operation will be used in military preparation as well as in solving the most difficult tasks during military maneuvers in Russia.

Evstafiev said the Russian military had gained a priceless experience.

“In Syria, Russian troops have gained colossal experience in asymmetric combat actions, having a well-armed and well-prepared opponent and in conditions of mass use of digital means to support combat actions. We can say that Russian troops have carried out combat actions precisely in the digital area, using new forms and methods,” explained the expert.

Highlighting the importance of experience in the use of new forms of combat actions, such as anti-guerrilla warfare, Evstafiev spoke about the interaction between the aerial and ground components of the Russian Armed Forces.

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“I believe that in Syria we have shown a completely new level of interaction in this regard, which must continue to be strengthened and developed,” he emphasized.

Russia became involved in operation against terrorist forces in Syria in 2015 at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad. After the significant advance in December 2017 against ISIS, Vladimir Putin triggered the slow withdrawal of Russian troops from the Arab country.

During the operation, the Russian pilots performed more than 30,000 combat missions, having carried out more than 92,000 attacks and reaching 96,000 terrorist targets.

In addition, Russia has tested more than 200 pieces of new military equipment in the course of military action in Syria.

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