Crimea and Syria unite to circumvent trade sanctions


The Syrian government supports initiatives to strengthen trade relations with Russia and in this regard the agreement between the ports of Sevastopol in Crimea and Tartus in Syria is an important focus of cooperation, reported the members of the Russian delegation who visited Damascus in recent days.

“Syrian President Bashar Asad backed the agreement between Sevastopol and Tartus and described it as an important means of cooperation, saying that given the international blockade of trade with Syria, the Mediterranean Sea is the only way out to the global market,” the head of the Russian delegation, the deputy of the Lower House of Parliament, Dmitri Sablin, told reporters.

The agreement was celebrated by the authorities of Sevastopol, as it aims to increase the exchange of goods between the two ports.

Currently, the Russian wheat supply dominates the flow of goods, but the parties also negotiated the introduction of new products.

Deputy governor of Sevastopol, Vladimir Bazarov, also a member of the delegation, told reporters that Russia could supply Syria with steel products and construction materials, while Tartus could send more agricultural and textile products to the Crimea.

The agreement is currently being reviewed by Russia’s Ministry of Economy. Its signature is scheduled for the end of July.

In addition to the two ports, the Russian delegation also discussed a possible closer cooperation agreement between the two capitals: the Moscow region and the province of Damascus.

According to the head of the Russian delegation, this type of bond enjoys the personal support of Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria.

“We still know very little, we need a closer dialogue on a political and cultural level, especially among young people,” Sablin said.

Russia has been a strong ally for Syria that has been besieged by imperialist states and their jihadist proxies since 2011. Russia finally intervened military in Syria in September 2015 and since then it has seen the decline of terrorist forces operating in the Middle Eastern country.

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Garry Compton
Garry Compton
3 years ago

And since Simferopol now has a new airport addition – let’s get some air traffic going to other destinations. Damascus could be one if the flight had an escort to fight off the Western terrorists in the Black Sea puppet countries.

wyatt & billy
wyatt & billy
3 years ago

this sanction bullshit is dumb as hell. we are god and can hurt anybody.
all sanctioned countries need to do is trade with each other using their own currencies. or just goods and no money. our using sanctions is a really stupid move. makes us ultimate hypocrites. israel is killing every child and we must approve since we say nothing. thats a hypocrite.

3 years ago

BDS America and its puppets.

Good move for Russia and Syria , the more connections they have , the better for both.

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