DARA’A LATEST: Syrian Arab Army mercilessly cuts US-backed Terrorists

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As of the earliest morning hours of Wednesday June 27th, we have the following report made exclusively for FRN:

The Syrian Army has been on a rampage in southern Syria against terrorist forces, showing no mercy and liberating huge swathes of territory from the clutches of US-backed jihadists.

The Syrian Army launched its operations against terrorist forces a week ago in the southern Syrian province of Dara’a in a bid to clear a huge chunk of the Syrian-Jordanian border.

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The Syrian Army thus far has liberated over 400 square kilometers from terrorist forces, mostly concentrated on the rocky plateau of the Al-Lajat region of eastern Dara’a province. After liberating this region and the villages within it, the elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Army yesterday began a night assault on Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra positions in the key town of Busra al-Harir.

The liberation of Busra al-Harir now means that the Tiger Forces can now concentrate their attacks on the town of Al-Hirak, one of the most important towns in the eastern Dara’a countryside.

Away from the eastern countryside, the elite 4th Mechanized Units and the Republican Guards of the Syrian Army have began their assault to liberate the southern districts of Dara’a city. The Syrian Army for years has controlled the northern districts but have not been able to crack jihadist defenses to liberate the rest of the city. However, with the deployment of the 4th Mechanized Units and the Republican Guards, assisted with Syrian and Russian airstrikes, it is expected once a full offensive begins, it will only be a matter of time before the city is completely liberated.

Thus far, the Syrian Arab Army has attempted to liberate silos and a Palestinian refugee camp in Dara’a countryside.

Meanwhile, in the western countryside, the Syrian Army have not yet attempted to liberate any territory or towns. It is assumed this will begin once the eastern countryside is secured. The western countryside contains much larger towns, and the bulk of Al-Nusra fighters as well as ISIS.

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