DARA’A UPDATE: Terrorists surrender to SAA

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The Syrian Army, headed by the elite Tiger Forces, has continued their impressive campaign to scourge southern Syria of terrorist forces operating in the region.

It has been a busy few days for the Syrian Army, but the results have been fruitful with many towns liberated and other towns calling for reconciliation with the Syrian government – effectively meaning they are correctly surrendering without a fight.

The towns that called for reconciliation include Ibtaa, Tafas, Da’el, Sayda, Umm Mayadin, Nasib and Tayyibah.

Meanwhile, civilians have gone out and protested in many other towns of Daraa province, calling for reconciliation between the occupying terrorists and the Syrian government.

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In addition to the reconciliation deals that have been forged, the towns of Al-Hirak, Sowra, Alma, Rakhm, Maliha Sharqi and Gharbi have been liberated after a strong offensive by the Tiger Forces. The majority of offensives by the Syrian Army so far has been concentrated in the eastern countryside of Dara’a province. This is because this is considered the weakest of all areas of Dara’a province, with the majority of Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists and ISIS concentrated in the western countryside.

Russia is also spearheading peace efforts in southern Syria by offering to evacuate terrorists to the northwest province of Idlib, or, in a first, allowing some to remain in southwest Syria but to service as police officers. However, this only applies to Syrian and not foreign jihadists. In addition, Syrians who joined terrorist forces and are wanted by authorities for conscription will be able to settle their cases in an easy manner.

Despite Russia spearheading these peace efforts, it has not sat back while negotiations take place and has continued its air campaign by striking at terrorist positions with high precision missiles. This is in a successful effort to weaken terrorist defenses so the Syrian Army can advance forward with relative ease.

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