‘Do not repeat Hitler’s mistake’: Kadyrov warns Russia’s enemies

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Chechen Republic chief Ramzan Kadyrov has drawn attention to foreign nations not to repeat the mistake of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and avoid antagonizing Russia without learning from the history of failed attempts to conquer it.

Kadyrov released the warning on his Telegram on Friday when Russia celebrated Memorial Day and Mourning – the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union in 1941, which ushered in the Great Patriotic War – as the Russians call its country’s entry into World War II.

Hitler planned to put Russia on his knees within a few months and make a military stop at Red Square, but he was wrong when he thought his main task was to get to Moscow, Kadyrov wrote.

“It is true that in times of war the German divisions approached directly from Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad, but Hitler did not speak Russian and he did not know Russian history, otherwise he would have given a second thought to take the road that had been previously chosen by the French, Swedes, Poles and others and all failed,” he said.

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The Chechen leader wrote that in the Stalingrad operation, the Nazis lost more than 300,000 soldiers – dead or taken prisoner – and Soviet troops defeated Hitler’s armies and captured Berlin.

“Hitler knew nothing about our history, but modern politicians who like to express threats against our country should study the chronicles of past ages so they do not repeat the mistakes of their own ancestors,” added Kadyrov.

Russia is a balwark on the world stage in stopping the expansion of US hegemony. The rise of China and Russia has seen the world turn from unipolar to multipolar. This has meant that the US are aggressively acting against these rising powers in an unsuccessful bid to remain the worlds only superpower. This has not however eventuated.

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