DPR Urgent: Clash with Ukraine Forces near Mariupol

10 3,227

On the morning of June 23rd, the DPR Army’s command distributed an urgent message about the attempted breakthrough of the Ukrainian Forces near Mariupol.

It is reported that around 1:00 am Ukrainian troops made an attempt to improve their positions to the south of the settlement Kominternovo.

The enemy, with the strength of two groups of up to 15 people in total under the cover of night, moved in the direction of the positions of the DPR position. This time (as an exception) the terrorists were in a sober state and tried not to reveal themselves with loud communication.

Nevertheless, thanks to the vigilance of the military personnel of the Army of the DPR, Ukrainian soldiers were seen on the outskirts of the minefields. The soldiers of the armed forces of the DPR regrouped and began to track the Ukrainians that were blown up during the neutralization of the first mines.


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The DPR, using exclusively small arms stopped the enemy’s attack. As a result of the professional actions of the DPR fighters, the Ukrainian forces fled, leaving their wounded on the battlefield, and the other part of the terrorists suffered significant losses.

According to preliminary data, up to three terrorists were eliminated, at least four were injured. One defender of the DPR was injured.


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