Former CIA agent accused of child pornography and leaking secret documents

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Former CIA agent Joshua Schulte was charged on Monday by the Southern District Attorney’s Office for child pornography crimes and stealing confidential CIA national defense information and sending the material to an organization that discloses this information publicly.

According to a press release issued on Monday by the Department of Justice, Schulte is currently being held on child pornography charges. He will be indicted by US District Judge Paul A. Crotty.

“Joshua Schulte, a former CIA official, allegedly used his access to the agency to transmit secret materials to an outside organization. During the course of this investigation, federal agents also discovered alleged child pornography at Schulte’s home in New York,” says the statement.

“We and our public safety partners are committed to protecting national security information and ensuring that trusted people to deal with them honor their important responsibilities. Illegal disclosure of classified information can pose a serious threat to our national security, potentially placing at risk to the safety of Americans,” the statement added.

According to Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers, the National Security Division, along with partners in the Intelligence Community, will not hesitate to pursue and hold those officials accountable.

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A New York Times report released last month showed that FBI agents obtained a search warrant at Schulte’s apartment in March 2017, a week after WikiLeaks released the first batch of documents highlighting how the CIA accessed iPhones and smart TVs and turned them into surveillance devices.

It is possible that his child pornography was always known but ignored, and only used against him once he released CIA files.

It is also possible that those charges are entirely fabricated, given his alleged involvement in leaks. 

It is well known and established by many reliable sources that the CIA orchestrates coups and destabilization in regions all across the globe and that it is a key player in bringing Afghani opium and Colombian cocaine to American markets.

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