HAS TRUMP DONE IT? America Needs Legitimacy, not North Korea

Trump has apparently achieved something great with North Korea


American liberals and the mainstream media should stop worrying about Kim Jong-un being legitimised and start worrying about who’s going to legitimize them after the absolutely shameful way they’ve been acting.

By Joe Hargrave for FRN

It’s America that needs credibility and legitimacy in the world, and what Trump did was a huge step towards regaining it. The old idea, once proclaimed by conservatives and now today by liberals simply because Trump is in power, that there can be no diplomacy, no talking, no dialogue, without a set of impossible preconditions being met by the other side, was always a psychopathic and ridiculous idea to begin with. It was pushed by people whose interest lied in stock portfolios stuffed with Raytheon and McDonald Douglas, and believed by people who think the world is a Saturday morning cartoon with smiling and gleaming good guys taking on Skeletor and Cobra Commander.

With Trump in charge, there’s finally an adult in the room. He doesn’t need war profits. He’s a pragmatic businessman and doesn’t need childish myths, narcissistic myths about America to simply do what is in America’s best interests. If he keeps this up, this country has a real chance of finally growing the f**k up.


We live in a world in which Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, while Trump will likely never see one for reaching his historic denuclearization agreement with North Korea. We live in a world in which people would rather see a recession and nuclear war than have it run by a man who said mean things. Sometimes I still can’t believe that who we call modern liberals even exist.

Trump has apparently achieved something great with North Korea.

Why can’t he do it with Iran?

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There’s no AIPAC and no Christian Zionist lobby hindering him in Korea. The problem is not the Ashkenazi – the dominant ethnic group of Israel. They are on the level of the Saudis to me – violent aggressors who are enabled by powerful lobbies in the US. There would be less violence against Palestinians and no genocide in Yemen without US/UK support. The madness of Christian Zionism is the fuel this runs on. Of course there is always the logic of imperialism, but like the logic of factory farming, legalized abortion, and sex trafficking, no one wants to admit it.

The myths are the driving force within individuals, the stories they tell themselves and others to legitimize their acts of violence and aggression. Christian Zionism is the most dangerous myth in the world today. It has nothing to do with Catholicism, Orthodoxy, or even mainline Protestantism. It has always, since its origins in Britain (at least, I think that’s where it began), been the fevered delusion of “non-denominational” fanatics.

That’s why can’t he do it with Iran


Joe Hargrave is a professional educator and a political activist residing in Cypress, California. He has vast experience in both the old left and the post right. 
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