Have the White Helmets just been caught staging a False Flag?

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The White Helmets, what amounts to the media and PR wing of ISIS, have been discovered by the residents of Idlib, preparing to ‘be there just in time’ for an upcoming surprise chemical attack from the ‘Assad Regime’ which somehow they know about, and are getting ready to stage a real horror show to underscore. Tass covered the story today, what’s a very good sign is that this is being called out before hand, before things can happen. Hopefully this alone will mean that such a plan is foiled, dead on arrival.

Apparently the long and short of it is that these White Helmet boys have been caught red handed preparing a provocation, where they’d naturally have some inconveniently Israeli or European chemical substances on standby, ready to create a huge scene in Idlib. The Chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing sides, let this be known yesterday.

This part is particularly interesting, because it has been Russia – there on the ground – who has for some time been outing, on an increasingly official level, these White Helmet sorts. It’s been well proven that a White Helmet is just another job for an FSA or ISIS fighter. Pay rate’s about the same, risks to life a bit lower. Not a bad gig overall.

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What the Russians have officially reported through their various media vehicles, as saying, is that based on a phone call from local residence in the province, White Helmets were spotted with a convoy of six cars, which all had the White Helmets logo on them. There also was reportedly a truck that had been loaded with protective gear, containers for liquid, seven rockets, and video equipment. If true, pretty damning evidence.

Despite this, no one captured any photos. Should the claim be believed? The main point, probably should be believed. How the Russians came about their intel, probably has nothing to do with local reports from those in the area by Maaret al-Numan, within Idlib. For sure we would have seen a photo of this had this scene been seen by a real resident.

This is the greatest sign that perhaps it was someone working inside who leaked this to the Syrians or the Russians. We have to keep in mind that in the last week, there have been other areas were FSA units had surrendered, then others fight side by side allied with the Syrian Arab Army, against ISIS formations. A pretty bizarre scenario, but it would have been just one of many scenarios in which a friendly enough FSA type with some authority on the ground-level organization, would have had the opportunity to have let this one out.



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