Hezbollah: NGO’s hamper return of Syrian refugees

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International organizations and some Lebanese actors have intimidated Syrian refugees and asylum seekers displaced by war, said Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese Shiite resistance movement Hezbollah, on Friday.

“According to our data, there are some international organizations, and certain local actors, who intimidate refugees and raise concerns about their return,” Nasrallah told Al-Manar News.

The Hezbollah leader has called for the return of the Syrians to be safe and comfortable.

The Lebanese movement will take its own steps to help the refugees until the Lebanese and Syrian authorities establish cooperation in that area, Nasrallah added. Hezbollah plans to establish communication centers for refugees and civilian interaction committees.

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Since the beginning of the Syrian War in 2011, millions of Syrians have fled the country to other states, including neighboring Lebanon. Hezbollah claims that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees discourages refugees from the Syrian conflict from returning to their homeland. At least a million Syrians have poured into Lebanon, itself a country of only four million and hosting hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees too.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah has played a key role in defending the Syrian state against US-backed jihadist forces that have attempted to remove the sovereign government from power. Hezbollah has defended its Syrian ally as the bulk of Iranian aid to Hezbollah reaches the resistance group through Syria, especially through the border town of Zabadani, or at least this was the case before the war and occupation of that key town.

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran constitute the Axis of Resistance that fights against US hegemony in the Middle East and is the only credible Islamic threat to the Zionist occupying entity known as Israel. Most other Arab and Islamic states have cordial relations with Israel, including behind the scenes, while the Axis of Resistance has not succumbed to such things.

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