Is Ukraine’s solution to join the Donbass?

By Yuri Apukhtin

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The solution to this problem can be approached from the other side. Do not seek the secession of the Donbass or its return to Ukraine, but instead integrate Ukraine into the Donbass. It can become a springboard for the beginning of the reformatting of Ukraine, the center of the spread of a new ideology to the whole of Ukraine and the point of assembly of the new state .


The implementation of the principles of the Alternative “Ukraine” and its integration into the all-Russian civilization is a long process that requires the purposeful work of the interested elites in a certain territory. There are no such elites in Ukraine today, and the Russophobic ruling regime will not allow the establishment of its gravedigger on the controlled territory.

Without the elites, no political process is possible, and they should not be formed in neighboring countries, for example, in Russia, but on the territory of Ukraine, otherwise a significant part of the Ukrainian population may not perceive them as their own. That is, the Ukrainian territory is potentially needed as the springboard for the formation of the forces and means of the Alternative “Ukraine”.

Such territory exists, it is the unconquered Donbass. It is recognized by all, including Russia as part of Ukraine, to which the Kiev government does not apply. No matter how these republics were called, they prove the fact through their existence the possibility to create alternative authorities on the Ukrainian territory.

In the DPR-LPR, there are several million former citizens of Ukraine who see their future only in a single space of Russian civilization. Here, authoritative bodies have been created, oriented toward Russia and ensuring the vital activities of the region under the conditions of war. There are law enforcement agencies that guarantee the order and safety of citizens. There is a battle-worthy army, successfully opposing the armed forces of Ukraine. The structures of social protection, health care and education function here.

In this territory, the bulk of enterprises of different industries is concentrated. There is a developed transport infrastructure that provides communication between parts of the republics, Russia and Ukraine. A lot has been created for the normal life of people, but there is no peace and recognition of the existence of the Donbass, which is not controlled by the Kiev authorities.

The experience of similar unrecognized enclaves, such as Transnistria, Abkhazia, North Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, shows that the process of their recognition can last for decades and without the consent of the state, where they entered, is very difficult to complete. The ruling regime in Ukraine considers only one way of returning the Donbas – its mopping-up and Ukrainization according to Bandera’s patterns. This, of course, is unacceptable.

The solution to this problem can be approached from the other side. Do not seek the secession of the Donbass or its return to Ukraine, but instead integrate Ukraine into the Donbass. It can become a springboard for the beginning of the reformatting of Ukraine, the center of the spread of a new ideology to the whole of Ukraine and the point of assembly of the new state .

At first glance, this sounds paradoxical, but this path can lead everyone out of today’s impasse. Ukraine, rapidly sliding to the Nazi dictatorship and to full-scale civil war, begins to pose a serious threat both to its population and to all its neighbors. Today there are no forces in Ukraine capable of stopping the radicalization of society, this can only be done by an external force. The West and Russia are not going to use it.

Such a “peacekeeping” force under certain conditions can become the Donbass, competently established in Ukraine.

At the same time, the image of Donbass as a separatist enclave leading military actions for secession from Ukraine should fundamentally change. It must transform and represent the Donbass as a Ukrainian territory of the formation of political, public and military forces capable and ready to liberate Ukrainian citizens from the Nazi regime and to end the civil war.

These conditions must be created. The main one is the formation of an alternative Ukrainian power in the territory of Donbass, thereby creating a system of “dual power” in Ukraine and proving the inconsistency and illegitimacy of the ruling regime. These structures should operate in parallel with the authorities of the LPR and DPR, without interfering in their current activities.

The legal grounds for this are more than enough, from the implementation of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine of 1991 to the illegal coup of 2014 and the illegitimacy of the so-called “election” of today’s power.

Why is all of this necessary? All processes of separation or separation of the state ultimately inevitably result in international recognition, and the fate of such enclaves is unenviable. They can drag on a miserable existence for decades, and their population will have serious limitations.

Therefore, in the event of an irreconcilable confrontation in the state, it is necessary to look for ways to intercept the power of an already recognized state, and only then to decide the issues of its future, including by dividing and separating it from it.

The division of Ukraine now no one recognizes. The ruling regime will never give up power voluntarily and will not allow it to form on the territory under its control. Therefore, it is necessary to create an alternative Ukrainian power outside and to bring it to Ukraine. This power should be formed not in Moscow, but in the Donbass, and the temporary capital may be Donetsk or any other city in this region.

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In this situation, it is necessary to fight for the de-legitimization of the ruling regime in Ukraine and form an alternative power to it not only on behalf of the population of Donbass, but also on behalf of the population of the regions adjacent to the Donbas, ready to integrate with it. Is it necessary to do this? To create groups of supporters of the Alternative “Ukraine” in these regions and, by analogy with the two republics, to create republics in these regions with the representation while “in exile” in the territory of Donbass.

To integrate regions, primarily the South-East, conditions and mechanisms for joining other regions of Ukraine to the Alternative “Ukraine” should be developed. Together they will act from a significant part of the population of Ukraine and create a precedent for the existence of a pararlel power that offers the people of Ukraine a different path of development as part of an all-Russian civilization.

Alternative power together with the leadership of the republics should begin the process of forming mechanisms and means of pressure on the ruling regime of Ukraine.

At the same time to seek recognition of its side of negotiations with the Kiev regime and formulate the conditions for the future of Ukraine. Minsk negotiations will also be needed, only not to bargain with the regime on the conditions for assimilation of the Donbass, but about the terms of its surrender and the order of revival of civilized statehood in this territory.

Everyone will have to show and prove, including to the West, that with the ruling regime in Ukraine it is pointless to negotiate peace, it represents the war party and there will never be peace in Ukraine with it there. It is necessary to use all possibilities for the recognition of the Alternative “Ukraine” as the successor of the Ukrainian statehood.

All this is possible only if the international community recognizes the legitimacy of another authority. Without this, the process of formation of the Alternative “Ukraine” can drag on for many years with the inevitable international sanctions and the political and economic isolation of this territory.

Donbass can become the key to reformatting Ukraine, and this process can go both in a peaceful and forceful scenario. Under the peaceful scenario, with the mediation of the West and Russia, the Alternative “Ukraine” is recognized and the mechanisms for removing the current Ukrainian rulers from power are being worked out. Under the force scenario of the new Ukrainian army, it will be necessary to cleanse the country of supporters of the Kiev regime and provide the alternative power for reformatting the foundations of Ukraine’s statehood.

With Kiev, negotiations must, of course, be necessary, but for this, strength is needed. It is the most convincing argument in the negotiations. To this end, it is necessary to form not a militia for the protection of the Donbass, but a new Ukrainian army to protect the peaceful population of Ukraine from the occupation forces of the Nazi regime. Form also new law enforcement agencies for bringing order to the country.

Someone will have to utilize the radicals who create lawlessness all over the country. They have already officially received weapons, and persuasion will not help here.

The formation of new governance structures for the Alternative “Ukraine” and the acceptance of the conditions for its integration into the all-Russian civilization is a long and multi-stage process. One of the defining stages is the recognition of the Alternative “Ukraine” by the international community. Only after this can the issues of its future state structure be considered.

As a unitary state, this territory can hardly exist. Decentralization can become a tool to solve the problem, which will lead either to disintegration, or to a reassembly of the state on new principles. These are issues of a very distant future, and they will have to be solved taking into account many factors and interests both inside and outside Ukraine.

Donbass as a point of assembly for the Alternative “Ukraine” is necessary in any scenario of the situation. It can become the main element in the process of transformation of Ukrainian society and its return to the all-Russian civilization.


translated by J. Flores from Alternatio


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