June 2, 2014: Ukraine’s airstrikes in city center made it the Point of No Return for Lugansk [video]

June 2 will forever remain for residents of Lugansk a Day of Memorial for the lost compatriots.

Lugansk Central Admin building as it appeared June 2, 2014. Note shrapnel in addition to blast effects.
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Tichon Goncharov, in Novorosinform:
June 2, 2014 is a special date for Lugansk. On this day in 2014 Ukrainian warplanes struck the center of Lugansk. This was the beginning of the active phase of the punitive operation against the LPR.

As a result of the airstrike (around 3:00 pm), 8 people (3 men and 5 women) were killed in the building of the Lugansk Region Administration, and in the square named after the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War in the center of the city, 28 were injured by fragments. Among the victims were the Minister of Health of the LPR, Natalia Arkhipova, as well as the leader of the military-patriotic association “Cascade”, a veteran of the Afghan war, a public figure, one of the oldest researchers in Ukraine, Alexander Gizai.

June 2, 2014 is considered to be the “point of no return” of Donbass to Ukraine. And this return is impossible, as if someone from behind the scenes of the puppeteers did not want it to. After the air strike in the center of the city, most residents of Lugansk realized that the “status quo ante” will definitely not return, because criminals and Nazis came to power in Ukraine, ready for any crimes against their fellow citizens, and they will not stop at anything.

I remember that day very well. At the time of the strike, I was passing the central entrance to the building of the State Administration. Above the city all day Ukrainian aircraft were circling, planes that took part in the battle for the frontier post on the outskirts of the city. It never occurred to anyone that the pilots could strike at the center of the city in open daylight Therefore, the blow was sudden for all.

The shock wave knocked me off feet 20 meters from the epicenter of the impact. The last thing that was stored in memory before the explosion is a turn on the asphalt, as if from a machine gun. Then it turned out that in addition to the missiles, the aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force used a cannon …

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After taking a nearby wounded passer-by to the Red Cross volunteers on duty nearby, I went down to the basement of the Internet cafe behind the building of the State Administration, and was one of the first to report on air strikes in the center of Lugansk in the media covering the events of the Russian Spring. It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian resources were already spinning an idiotic patched-up version about “getting MANPADS into an air-conditioner”.

Only after returning to the scene of the tragedy in a few minutes, could I estimate the scale of the crime. These terrible shots flew around the world. It is impossible to forget. Such crimes do not have a statute of limitations. And the scum who launched a punitive operation against Donbass should be punished as they deserve.

June 2 will forever remain for residents of Lugansk a Day of Memorial for the lost compatriots.

The Kingdom of Heaven and eternal memory to all innocently murdered residents of the Donbass.

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