Karasev: Ukraine can join NATO only after disintegration

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Now here’s a shocking revelation – Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO. According to the expert Vadim Karasev, along with Ukrainian diplomat Vasily Filipchuk, who spoke openly on Russian TV channel “News One” : “Only if Ukraine exists as separate territories, states, may some of those states join NATO”.  For those following this story, this isn’t new information. NATO has been rather explicit about this question itself. 

“We have smart people, you can not fool them endlessly. I’m a huge admirer of NATO membership, but it’s impossible, the point. And we can write down at least in the passport of each of us – “We want to join NATO,” although we can write in the Constitution in first letters in big letters the first article – “Ukraine is a country that was created to join NATO,” but that will not change anything. Without resolving the conflict with Russia, we can not join NATO, without refusing entry into NATO, we can not resolve the conflict with Russia, ” Filipchuk said, with no lack of biting humor.

It has indeed been something of an inside joke within Ukraine, and the endless pronouncements of the Kiev Junta, Poroshenko’s continual haraunging, this impossible dream that Ukraine will join either the EU or NATO. Both organizations have categorically rejected it. The concept of a Western path for Ukraine was not, nor ever, a European initiative, but simply an American ploy to create dissent and division within Ukraine, to create instability and potentially beyond. Due to Russian decision making, this wasn’t fully realized, but we are left with a puppet government stuck on auto-pilot, with its detached and incoherent public platitudes about the west and joining the EU and NATO.

Vadim Karasev understands that Ukraine in its present incarnation can never be a part of NATO – this is not an administrative or technical question on the part of the north Atlantic alliance.

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At the same time, Vadim Karasev noted that Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance will be possible only if it is destroyed as a state.

“We are not the Czech Republic, not Slovakia, not Poland, or the Baltic countries, so we will not be taken to NATO. We are a different country. It is possible that Ukraine will be able to obtain membership in NATO, when this country will not exist, when there will be some separate regions separated, and some kind of, roughly speaking, Western Ukraine, can be taken to NATO. But Ukraine will not be taken in the current territorial borders after the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, “the expert concluded.

Such is a sober analysis, and indeed much of what passes for extreme Ukrainian nationalism is a rebooted, refitted Galician separatism, to practically redefine the Ukrainian experience perhaps even as something other than Slavic, despite Galicia’s history as an upstart Rurik-founded kingdom.

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