Latvian president doubts that US can defend EU from Russia

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RIGA – Europe has begun to understand that the US alone can not defend it from “a number of challenges, including Russia,” Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis was quoted as saying on TVnet.

According to the Latvian leader, NATO faces a number of threats, including instability in the southern portion of the Alliance, Syria and North Africa, as well as China’s growing influence. Another challenge for NATO, according to the politician, is Russia “demonstrating its muscles”.

Vejonis added that the unity of the West is in danger, calling for the strengthening of “soft security”, including the fight against hybrid threats.

Earlier, the US foreign policy expert, Ted Galen Carpenter, opined that Washington and NATO continue to dispose of Russia. In particular, the analyst recalled that Norway had recently called for the US to double its quota on Norwegian territory and for it to be placed closer to the Russian border.

US expert Ted Galen Carpenter wrote in The Magazine National Interest that the US and NATO continue to have Russia against them, and Norway’s request to double the presence of US troops on its territory is the latest example of the provocation.

There are 330 representatives of the US military in Norway. If the Oslo request is met, the number of the US military contingent will increase to 700 people.

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They are supposed to be based in the north, a few hundred kilometers from Russia. At the moment the US forces in Norway are positioned to move in the center of the country, that is, far beyond the border region.

The rotation allows the Norwegians to formally fulfill the commitment given to Moscow in 1949, when Norway joined NATO. At the time, the country’s authorities promised that there would be no US bases in its territory.

Recently, in Norway, they recalled that the presence of the US military is temporary. But Carpenter thinks this is a “cynical trick” that can not fool anyone, let alone Russian President Vladimir Putin and his colleagues in the Kremlin.

Moreover, in October, the Trident Juncture 18 exercises are scheduled. However, Oslo says it “does not see a serious reason” for which Russia should react to such behavior.

However, the author stresses that any other country could regard such actions as unfriendly and that “its continuing cynical denial of hostile intentions, can easily lead to wrong calculations and catastrophic confrontation.”

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