Maduro: Pence’s Latin American tour was a FAILURE

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said US Vice President Mike Pence did not achieve the main goal of his Latin American trip – to attack his country.

“Mike Pence has been failing on his tour while on his campaign trail throughout South America. Mike Pence has been attacking Venezuela, saying that Venezuela is this and that,” Maduro said during a ceremony in Caracas.

The US Vice President began his third visit to Latin American countries on June 25 and said he will seek to increase pressure on the current Venezuelan government.

Pence landed on June 27 in Ecuador, where he urged the government to take steps to isolate Venezuela to “regain its freedom.”

This is the second time that the Venezuelan president reacted to the declarations made by Pence during his trip through Latin America.

“Every time Mike Pence, the venomous snake, opens his mouth, I feel stronger, I see more clearly the road and that the road is ours, it’s Venezuela, not Mike Pence,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Brazil and the United States agreed on June 26 to press President Nicolas Maduro to “restore” democracy in Venezuela.

Pence was received in Brasilia on Tuesday by Brazilian President Michel Temer. He came to Brazil to not only discuss regional issues such as Venezuela but to also negotiate on the US use of the Alcântara base in Maranhão.

The military base is considered to have the best location in the world for a launch site as it provides strategic positioning advantages that saves time and fuel for rockets.

In 2001, the partnership was negotiated and barred by the National Congress due to US requirements that would guarantee, with the partnership, the loss of Brazilian sovereignty over parts of the base. At that time it was foreseen that parts of the base could not be filmed or photographed, and that the entry of Brazilians would be controlled by the US with the need for a passport.

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