Maduro: Venezuela is targeted by an aggressive media campaign

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that his country is subject to a worldwide attack of various types that seek to subjugate the people of the Latin American country.

“Never before has our country been subjected to a worldwide operation of diplomatic, media, political, economic, financial and permanent threats – the revolution has managed to confront them while maintaining the constitutional course,” said the president said.

The statements came during the ceremony of the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Prize 2018, held on Wednesday at the National Pantheon in western Caracas.

Maduro also said that in his country there is a democracy. This is proven by the fact that in the last 19 years there have been 24 electoral events.

However, Maduro said that despite the attacks, they are defeating the “superiority complex” of the European Union and the “imperialist” interventionism of the United States.

Meanwhile, last week Brazilian President Michel Temer said that his country was making all efforts to help Venezuelan refugees who cross the border and arrive in Brazil to escape the crisis in their country.

“We are receiving thousands and thousands of Venezuelan refugees who seek a better life, and we spare no effort to build the physical and legal conditions that allow solidarity with those fleeing the humanitarian crisis,” Temer said, according to his report on the humanitarian crisis posted on Twitter .

The president made the remarks during a visit to a shelter in Boa Vista, capital of Roraima, a state that has received tens of thousands of Venezuelans for months and is overwhelmed by the pressure of immigration.

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Temer reiterated that the possibility of closing the border is not on the table, as has been requested since last April by Governor Suely Campos, who in turn criticized the management that the central government is making towards the migratory crisis.

“We can not close the border, that would be inappropriate, we agreed that the border can not be closed, but we can not abandon the need for Boa Vista, Roraima and the entire state,” said the president.

According to Temer, the federal government is also “attentive” to the needs of Brazilians living in Roraima and, in that sense, announced the construction of a radiotherapy center near the state general hospital, which should be completed in a year.

To try to decongest the border region, the government has also launched an “internalization” program to redistribute immigrants to other areas of the country.

To date, 527 Venezuelans have been transferred by the government to the cities of Manaus, Cuiabá and São Paulo.

The economic situation in Venezuela has become problematic chiefly as a result of depressed oil revenues, when global crude prices plummeted in 2015.

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